Data Refuge is a community-driven, collaborative project to preserve public climate and environmental data. When we document the many ways diverse communities use data, we can also advocate for future data. We want to hear your data stories!

                  Data Stories and Climate Sensing is a suite of public research invitations and projects that explore how climate and environmental data live in the world--how data are made, preserved, and used; how data connect people, places, and non-humans; and how data, paired with story, can spur action on climate. My Climate Story invites personal stories about local experiences of global climate change and can be shared in the public Data Storybank and by using #MyClimateStory. Data Remediations is a podcast and companion blog highlighting data storytelling work supported by the National Geographic Foundation and the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities in Philadelphia, Houston, New York, Baltimore, and Oregon. Climate Sensing and Data Storytelling is a digital convening, art exhibit, and climate storytelling incubator happening online in May 2020 and bringing the art and science of these projects together. These initiatives grew out of Data Refuge and some 50+ Data Rescues, archive-a-thons to protect, preserve, and advocate for climate and environmental data. Stories connect data and observations to lives and places and tell us how and why they matter. Share your Climate Story and get involved.

                  Watch this 3 minute video to learn how you can contribute your climate story to our public data storybank!

                  Contribute your Climate Story

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                  Listen to the 好用的PC端的vp podcast and read the blog about the ways data connects people and places through stories and art.

                  电脑上vp Data Storybank

                  Contribute 电脑免费vp推荐 Climate Story to our public, collaborative storybank and learn about data stories.

                  电脑vp软件 Storytelling Toolkits

                  Download the data storytelling toolkit and host your own public engagement event.

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                  Browse the Data Catalog, which consists of environmental and climate data from different federal and governmental sites.

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